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Since our Archdiocese is large in territory and rich in many of the faithful, it is necessary to divide it into deaneries. The Archbishop's presence is made known to the deaneries by a Dean appointed to represent him in the church's pastoral, teaching, and governing office.

• To coordinate the pastoral activity of the parishes under his care: 

In appointing a priest as Dean, the Archbishop shares his ministry as teacher and spiritual leader through the Archdiocese. Deans are to provide pastoral leadership in accord with the universal and local norms of the Catholic Church.

Deans are encouraged to keep the Deanery telephone/e-mail relay system updated. All Deans have e-mail capability, fax machines, or/and scanners to fulfill this service.

The Dean is to schedule regular meetings with the Deanery, which allow for the participation of clergy and all others.


• To serve as a conduit of information and concerns 
between the Archdiocesan offices and local ministries

By his proximity to the priests and their parishes, the Dean might anticipate problematic situations and provide crises intervention. He should communicate such situations to the Archbishop.

Deans make sure that the clergy of his jurisdiction attend workshops and retreats offered for their continuing education and spiritual edification by the Archdiocese or Deanery.


• Represent the clergy (priests and deacons) of his area 
to the governing bodies of the Archdiocese and vice versa:

As members of the Personnel Board, Deans serve the Archbishop in an advisory capacity.

The Dean is a member of the Presbyteral Council, where he must present reports on the parishes and other ministries in his Deanery. A dean attends the bi-monthly meetings of this body, and should he not be able to attend a meeting, he will assign a priest from his Deanery as a substitute representative.


Any priest within a Deanery, anticipating a change in assignment, should convey his wishes in writing to the Clergy Personnel Board through his Dean.


The Dean represents the Deanery's parishes in the formulations of Archdiocesan assessments such as the Annual Catholic Appeal goals or other taxations/or fees, collaborating with Presbyteral Council.

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