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CAMINOS DE FE 2021-2022

Northwest Deanery School of Ministry

Archdiocese of Santa Fe

Please, contact Mary Ann Vigil:

or Nila Ortega Montoya:

for updates in the program

Dear Camino de Fe Friends!

I would like to share with you plans for the coming year of Caminos de Fe.


First, I would like to thank Mary Ann Vigil and Nila Montoya for taking over the coordination of the program.

Secondly, with Covid-19 continuing to ravage the population, the Archdiocese is requesting that, at least through the end of December 2021, we continue to use online resources for our formational and educational efforts. As a result, Caminos will be pairing with Jornada de Fe, our sister program in Santa Fe for at least our first three sessions for the year, to be held via Zoom:


October 2   Church History 1st to 6th Centuries

Ann Kaul & Brian Stafford (Zoom)

November 6   Church History 7th Century to the Reformation

Ann Kaul & Brian Stafford (Zoom)

December 4   Church History Post-Reformation

Ann Kaul & Brian Stafford (Zoom)


It is yet to be determined which courses will be held beginning in January and how they will be held--quite possible a retreat in January, to be followed by 3 sessions on the Church and 3 on the Creed--possibly also to be held via Zoom and/or a hybrid, where the presentations will be offered online, with our group meeting in person. As soon as all of the information is firmly determined, we will be updating you.


Please contact Mary Ann (, Nila ( or myself, if you plan to participate in the Oct. 2 session, or if you have questions.


Thank you once again for your understanding as we move forward for the coming year of faith and ministry formation/enrichment!

Blessings always!


Joanne Dupont Sandoval

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